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Fire safety systems
These are sets of technical means for timely detection of ignition and smoke sources in quarters, for automated fire control and also alarm and people evacuation management.
Localization of emergency situations
Technical means of protection
A unit of systems
  • Automated fire alarm systems — fire detection means;
  • Automated systems of fire control — firefighting means (countermeasures);
  • Alarm and people evacuation management means — safe people evacuation means;
  • Primary firefighting means;
  • Internal firefighting water supply system.
Planning and holding the events on repair, renovation and installation
  • technical audit, design, construction, installation and service support of fire safety system
  • maintenance of tools and elements of AFA, checking its operation state, validating and monitoring of power supplies systems, metrology calibration of instrumentation (measurement and verification of equipment electrical parameters)
  • routine, periodic testing (validation)
Ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the automatic fire extinguishing system
  • AWFS maintenance (dry and wet sprinkler systems, drencher curtains), AGFS, AFFS. Functional test of system elements, control of operating parameters (pressure in bottle, pipelines, control of fire suppressant mass), comprehensive periodic tests;
  • design and maintenance of alert and evacuation control system;
  • maintaining fire alert and evacuation control system. Inspection and functional test of system components (evacuation lighting, sound alert equipment and channels), preventative measures.
Smoke protection system
  • maintenance of smoke removal, air pressurization systems. System health test in manual and automatic modes, control and test of supply sources, integrated activities;
  • internal fire-fighting water-supply system;
  • service of pipes and elements of internal fire-fighting water supply, control and maintenance of boost-pumps, testing. Remedies of leaks, leaks in connections and joints.
Primary fire extinguishing equipment
  • maintenance and testing of fire hoses, fire shut-off cocks (valves), maintenance of fire extinguishers, preventive measures;
Unified control system allows for 24 hours monitoring of all real estate facilities controlled by the company. Thanks to the intuitive interface and advanced hardware and software complexes it became possible to create a unified fire protection system with pre-set control algorithms providing safety and reducing real estate complex facilities management risks.
Equipping facilities with integrated fire safety systems is a complex engineering task, under which the team of Are Russia is responsible for technical audit, design, installation and after-sales service of all items and equipment designed for timely detection of fire, automatic fire alert and people evacuation control. Finnish and Russian advanced technologies allowed for creation of a unified centre for monitoring functioning of life-support systems of buildings, acting as an information integrator of facility fire safety control systems.
Provision of smooth operation of fire safety integrated system lies in data analysis at the stage of fire and smoke, rapid alert and evacuation control. The company bears the full responsibility for safety of controlled facilities and provides people flows on escape routes, safety of stay at the facility and preservation of material and cultural values. Proper planning, implementation and maintenance of all processes result in providing reduced costs for systems service by means of integrated administration.
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