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Technical means of protection
Technical security means is a number of systems and elements to ensure safety of real estate property.
Localization of emergency situations
Automation systems and data
A unit of systems
  • Intrusion alarm system — for timely detection and alarming personnel of intrusion of unauthorized persons into the premises.
  • Video camera surveillance system — is to capture, accumulate and transmit visual data in real time.
  • Access monitoring and control system (further - AMCS) — is to ensure the access control arrangements at the given premises.
Planning and holding the events on repair, renovation and installation
  • technical audit of facility safety monitoring system and capacity to respond to threats;
  • design, construction and installation of safety system;
  • maintenance, testing and monitoring proper operation of parts and elements of alarm, access control and VC systems;
  • installation and implementation of present-day software to monitor all risks of facility safety management;
  • service support of technical safety systems of real estate facility.
Provision of people and facility safety is one of the main functions of operation of the entire engineering system created by Are Russia on support of vital activity of large real estate facilities. Value of life, preservation of material and intellectual assets, as well as ensuring safe operation of the facility in general are important priorities in work and directly depend on the level of technical equipment, software, quality of equipment and work of skilled professionals, their care, involvement, responsibility. Technical safety means is a number of systems and elements, designed to ensure safety of life and real estate facilities:
  • security alarm system is used for timely detection and alert personnel of third parties access to the facility territory;
  • CCTV system is intended for recording, accumulation and on-line transfer of visual information;
  • access control system access control arrangements for a given territory.
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