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Electric power supply
A power supply system is an aggregate of electric installations designed to provide electric energy to consumers.
The basic requirements of power supply systems: reliability, regular supply, quality of electric energy, safety, cost effectiveness, and ecological compatibility.
Localization of emergency situations
Ventilation and Air conditioning
Servicing of
  • Transformer substations 10/0.4 kV, 6/0.4 kV;
  • Panel equipment of input distribution device, main switchboard, electrical panel, emergency lighting board, distributing board, guaranteed power supply system, reserve switching device, parameterization of the relay protection and automatic equipment;
  • Power factor correction units;
  • Backup power supplies of diesel driven generator, UPS;
  • Networks of interior, exterior, emergency, display lighting;
  • Earthing and lightning protection systems;
  • Monitoring and calibration of personal protective equipment PPE, measuring instruments;
  • Accounting for consumption and power quality control.
Planning and holding the events on repair, renovation and installation
Are Russia company has enriched the Russian energy efficiency management practices of large and ultra-large real estate facilities and brought innovative technology to Northwest market, becoming one of the top lawmakers for quality standards . Based on years of research and operational experience in engineering support Are Russia Sensus ® system, a new generation of engineering idea, was created. Created in cooperation with the largest specialized research institutes and universities of Finland, with the support of the Fund for technology and innovation Tekes, the system turned the market. The technical essence of design is a rational redistribution of heat flow within a building without any additional energy input. The development is based on a comprehensive approach to maintaining buildings and unified control system of lighting, heating, cooling and air circulation.
Using natural processes for human energy needs Are Russia Sensus ® reduces load on the environment and reduces needs of facilities in heat and electricity to be supplied by the city. A further contribution to reducing costs is made by an low-power consumption center integrated into the system. In total, compared to traditional engineering systems Are Russia Sensus ® allows for saving on heat and light up to a third of the cost, which is very important both from a business perspective and in the light of the requirements of legislation on careful spending energy resources and concerns about the environment.
Company’s strong competence in the field of technical audit, design, installation and maintenance of power supply systems is complemented by the capabilities of traditional and innovative engineering systems, providing customers with uninterrupted service and maintenance costs reduction.
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