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Ventilation and Air conditioning
A ventilation and conditioning system is an aggregate of facilities to set up air exchange in a room.
The purpose of ventilation is to remove and replace the spent air, ensuring comfortable conditions of the air environment (complying with the requirements of sanitary norms, processes, storage technologies, etc.).
Localization of emergency situations
Servicing of
  • Inlet and exhaust ventilation systems;
  • Smoke removal and air pressurization fans;
  • Comfort and process air conditioning systems (chillers, fan coils, split systems).
  • Season, emergency replacement or refilling of refrigerant.
Planning and holding the events on repair, renovation and installation
  • technical audit, design, construction, installation and service support of ventilation and conditioning systems;
  • inspection of insulation condition, its restoration in case of damage;
  • condition monitoring and replacement of filters, ventilation plants drive belts;
  • cleaning of ventilation ducts and shafts.
Design, installation and maintenance of HVAC system operation include smooth and trouble-free operation of the whole complex of hardware for air exchange in a room.
Work of Are Russia company specialists is focused on creation of optimal conditions of microclimate and air exchange, which change in accordance with changes in ambient environment. Present day innovative ventilation systems allows for removing exhaust air and replacing it, providing a comfortable air environment. Each room has its own sanitary requirements for air exchange, which shall take into account nuances of technological processes from the degree of humidification, heating, and air conditioning up to installation conditions. All nuances of designing and maintaining of air environment systems are aimed at providing with comfortable conditions of stay in the building and optimizing the cost of maintaining smooth operation of the entire system without loss of functionality.
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