Services Service Water supply and sewerage
Water supply and sewerage
A heating system is an aggregate of facilities designed for artificial heating of rooms in order to maintain temperature that meets the requirements of thermal comfort and/or a procedure.
Localization of emergency situations
Fire safety systems
System elements
  • Water intake facilities — are an element for taking water from natural sources.
  • Water raising structures (pump stations) — are an element for supplying water to sites of its treatment, storage, or consumption.
  • Facilities for treatment of water.
  • Water lines and water networks — are elements to transport and supply water to sites of its consumption.
  • Towers and reservoirs — are regulating and reserve tanks.
Planning and holding the events on repair, renovation and installation
Water supply
  • Servicing of hot and cold water and drinking water supply systems (inspections, scheduled works, pipelines servicing, shutoff and control valves, insulation, sanitary appliances);
  • Control and servicing of hot and cold water supply pumps, their automation;
  • Control of operation and servicing of a drinking water treatment system, scheduled replacement of filtering elements;
  • Periodic check of devices
  • Preparation of a hot water supply system for seasonal operation
  • технический аудит, проектирование, строительство, монтаж и сервисное сопровождение канализационной системы;
  • Servicing of domestic, rainwater sewage systems (inspections, scheduled works, servicing of pipelines, shutoff and control valves, insulation, sanitary appliances), treatment installations (sewage pumping stations, grease and oil separators);
  • Periodic check of devices;
  • Monitoring and cleaning of wells, drainage sumps sewer, roof funnels, storm drains;
  • Elimination of leaks, faulty sealings of joints and butts;
  • Preparation of a hot water supply system for seasonal operation;
  • Scheduling and conduct of repair, upgrading, assembly events;
  • Records of intake and exhaust water leak.
Maintaining one of the main life support systems - water supply and sanitation – personnel of Are Russia company realizes a high degree of responsibility for environmental water, human health, ecological and sanitary purity, that is possible only when proper functioning of all systems of water supply and sewage.
Maintenance of water supply and sewage communications is a complex of works on design engineering, requiring high qualifications of specialists engaged in installation of integrated solutions and special technical equipment.
Engineers and workers of Are Russia carry out smooth and trouble-free operation of the structure of artificial heating for the purpose of maintaining temperature meeting requirements of thermal comfort and/or technological process. Set of works includes technical audit, design, installation and support of all elements operation of water supply and sewage system:
  • Diversion structures — element to receive water from natural sources;
  • Water-lifting stations (pumping stations) - element for water supply to the places of its purification, storage or consumption;
  • Plants for water purification;
  • Waterways and water supply networks — elements for water supply and transportation to places of consumption;
  • Towers and tanks — regulating and spare capacities.
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