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Automation systems and data
This is a set of technical means which allow for integration of all engineering systems of a building into a joint unit and connect them to the information system for automated control.
Localization of emergency situations
Elevators, Escalators for reloading tables, compactors
A unit of systems
  • Building automation and dispatching system — is a set of soft- and hardware means which enable to control processes remotely without direct interference.
  • Data transmission system — is a set of technical means operating jointly to transmit and receive information on facility operation via communication channels and also to transmit and receive the remote control commands.
Planning and holding the events on repair, renovation and installation
  • technical audit of automation and control systems;
  • design, installation and commissioning of automation and data transmission systems;
  • maintenance of automation and control system;
  • service of ACS and dispatching elements, controllers checking, testing of central computer (processor), software updates, sensors operation monitoring, checking of proper operation of actuators, their repair and replacement;
  • data transmission system servicing;
  • servicing of elements of Structured Cabling Network (SCN), control of network equipment operation, repair of electrical equipment (sockets, panels, switches), testing of LAN lines, repair of lines and communication channels (including optical cable lines).
Management of intellectual engineering potential of a building is a complex, multilevel process requiring modern solutions that enable integrating all engineering systems of the building in a single complex and integrate them with the information system with a view to automation of the processes of facility vital activity monitoring. The team of Are Russia devoted many years to the improvement of a single management system based on automation and algorithms of system response to any changes — whether changing weather conditions, internal environmental systems or security threat.
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