A heating system is an aggregate of facilities designed for artificial heating of rooms in order to maintain temperature that meets the requirements of thermal comfort and/or a procedure.
Localization of emergency situations
Water supply and sewerage
System elements
  • A heat source — is an element to obtain heat
  • Heat lines — are an element to transfer heat from the heat source to the heaters
  • Heaters — are an element to transfer heat to a room
Planning and holding the events on repair, renovation and installation
Servicing of
  • individual heating stations;
  • pipelines;
  • circulating pumps;
  • control valve;
  • isolation;
  • сontrol and maintenance of air temperature in heated rooms;
  • calculated pressure drop in the supply and return line maintenance;
  • system tightness control;
  • leakage elimination;
  • periodic devices verification;
  • seasonal systems' preparation;
  • heat consumption accounting.
  • design, implementation and maintenance of an uninterrupted heating system at sites, including the provision of vital functions for the following elements: heat sources, heat pipes, heating appliances;
  • technical audit and design of an uninterrupted heating system;
  • installation and service support of the system ensures proper technical condition and cost-effective operational availability of engineering systems.
Designing systems and supporting the uninterrupted operation of the heating system of buildings, installation and maintenance is an important part of the work of Are Russia in managing the engineering potential of large properties. The development of a space heating system using innovative technologies and advanced Finnish and Russian experience makes it possible to create an efficient heating network capable of maintaining a temperature that meets the requirements of thermal comfort and / or technological process. Environmental friendliness, interaction with environmental conditions and economy of the heating system contributes to trouble-free work to ensure comfortable conditions and reduces the financial burden on maintaining the property in a state of active exploitation.
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