Services Service Elevators, Escalators for reloading tables, compactors
Elevators, Escalators for reloading tables, compactors
Maintenance of various technological equipment ranging from lifts and escalators to trash pressing equipment (trash compactors).
Localization of emergency situations
Electric power supply
Technical maintenance of lifts
  • Analysis of condition and functioning of the entire building elevator system, technical audit and supervision;
  • Technical verification of lift — is an appraisal of its technical condition and arrangements aimed to bring its in use in compliance with the Rules of Installation and Safe Operation of Lifts and nominal data for safe operation;
  • Regular checks — are the works to check the technical condition of lift infrastructure to detect faults;
  • Repairs of stopped lifts — provided removal of reasons for such stop is not connected to major reconstruction works;
  • Set of works performed to maintain lift functionality.
Planning and holding the events on repair, renovation and installation.
Technical maintenance of escalators
  • Escalator inspection, check and launch;.
  • Usual escalator operation under emergency conditions;
  • Technical maintenance and current repairs of escalator (electric motor drives and their control chains service);
  • Removing the reasons and faults that had caused the escalator to stop.
Maintenance of load transfer (lifting) platforms
  • Performing inspections. Checkup and control of safety and protective devices, commissioning works.
  • Regular works: replacement of oil, filters, service of drives (pumps) of hydraulic stations, metrological checks (measurement of electric motor insulation resistance and amperage).
Compactor maintenance
  • Carrying out the equipment checkups, functionality and operation mode parameter tests, use of present-day software at commissioning and for diagnostics.
  • Scheduled, seasonal and regular maintenance (oil and filter replacement), control of general condition, lubricant replacement, joints tightening, safety devices functionality tests, commissioning works.
  • Repair/replacement of default parts.
Experts of Are Russia provide with servicing of diverse technological equipment of elevators and escalators, up to equipment for waste pressing (compactors). The range of services includes technical audit, design, implementation (construction and installation), as well as servicing of all lifting, transporting and cargo handling systems of internal and external infrastructure of real estate facility. Deep technical knowledge, engineering thought, understanding of business logistics processes and responsibility for uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of the system enable for providing customers with integrated approach to asset management, reduction of risks and ensuring optimization of infrastructure costs.
Ensuring smooth and trouble-free operation of elevator systems, escalators, reloading tables, compactors is an important factor in implementation of business processes and allows the customer to prevent risks of financial losses. Planning and conducting activities on repair, upgrade, installation are preventive measures and provide with possibility to reduce risks in management of real estate facilities and to provide with the required security system for safety people in the building or on the territory of complexes. The company's work is aimed at implementation of smooth operation of robotic logistic systems and localization of emergency 24 hours 7 days a week, which in turn, allows to provide customer’s staff with occupational safety and to create comfortable conditions for human flows movement within the facility.
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