ARE Property

Property management services allow company to offer customers engineering of the highest profitability of the facility and the possibility of increasing its value in the process of exploitation, thanks to an integrated approach to managing contractors, tenants, partners and systematic improvement of the technical and service characteristics of the facility.

It makes possible, on the one hand, to protect the interests of owners, reducing the risk of overstated investments, on the other, to provide maximum comfort for users of the facility, providing security and tenacity, innovation, environmental friendliness and world-class service to tenants and guests.

Professionalism of the team, high quality standards, engineering competencies, experience in installation and commissioning of engineering European and domestic manufacturers’ equipment, as well as experience in supporting constructions and finishing works at the facilities makes it possible to carry out systematic author's supervision of the object at all stages of the life cycle from engineering and preparation for delivery to daily maintenance and development.

Experts of the company use advanced Finnish and Russian practices, optimizing the work timing due to clear control, in-depth understanding of the processes and equipment operation systems.

To minimize the financial risks we control the quality of equipment, materials, labor resources, optimize the capital investment plan and design uninterrupted and safe to prevent the facility from becoming technically and morally obsolete.

The engineering, technical, managerial and marketing view on the design, management and development of large real estate objects, the ability to control contractors with a high degree of involvement in the process and efficiently manage labor resources, and unique experience in optimizing systems of energy efficiency allows the company to operate throughout the all regions of Russia even without attraction of own production capacities.

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